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Comprehensive and Compassionate Care

Geriatric Care

Our goal is to put the spunk back in our senior patients! Pets that are “just getting old” often have chronic and/or painful conditions that prevent them from living their best lives. As part of a geriatric consultation, Dr. Portmann performs a full physical exam, reviews past veterinary records, and evaluates the home environment of her animal patients. Often, simple changes in the home, along with diet, exercise, supplements, and medications can make a big difference!

Common conditions treated in senior and geriatric pets:


  -Chronic Spinal Pain

  -Liver Disease

  -Kidney Disease

  -Heart Disease

  -Cognitive Dysfunction

Palliative Care

Palliative care aims to relieve symptoms, decrease stress, and improve the quality of life of an animal with a serious illness (whether terminal or treatable.) Palliative care is often performed in the home and can be started at any stage of the illness, from diagnosis to the hospice stage. Palliative care can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies like surgery, chemotherapy, and medical interventions. 

Palliative treatments often include:
  -pain management
  -hydration support
  -anxiety relief
  -digestive support
  -appetite stimulation
  -mobility assistance

  -wound care

Hospice Care

The focus of hospice care is comfort, rather than cure, for patients with terminal and incurable conditions. Hospice care is typically started when curative treatment options are not working, are out of reach, or may negatively impact the patient’s quality of life. Hospice care includes palliative treatments, is typically performed in the home, and is generally started near the end of the patient’s life.

Dr. Portmann works closely with her clients, helping them become excellent home caregivers. She relies on her clients for patient updates, insights, and day-to-day care implementation. The goal of coordinated hospice care is to improve the patient’s quality of life when we can no longer increase the quantity of life. 

Part of the animal hospice experience is discussing and planning for a peaceful end-of-life experience for the animal patient.

End-Of-Life Services

The decisions around saying goodbye to a beloved pet are incredibly difficult. Dr. Portmann provides honest and compassionate guidance during these trying and emotional times. When the time comes to say goodbye, she will be there, in the comfort of the home to make the transition as relaxed and peaceful as possible.


To honor the needs of patients and clients, the following options are available for your pet's end-of-life transition:

  -In-home euthanasia
  -Fully supported, closely monitored natural death

  -Euthanasia in the comfort room of Peaceful Journeys 

Dr. Portmann can also arrange for cremation through Peaceful Journeys Pet Cremation in Gunnison, if desired.


Operating during the COVID 19 Pandemic

To minimize the risk of exposure to the ever-changing Coronavirus for our staff, our clients, and our community, we are taking the following precautions:

1) Staff screened for symptoms daily
2) Staff will mask when requested by clients
Consults and services performed outside, weather permitting
4) Extra sanitation of all shared surfaces and supplies between each appointment
5) Hand washing and hand sanitizers utilized between appointments, and as often as able
6) Consultations and check-ins by telemedicine, when requested

7) Remote (online) billing for goods and services when possible

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